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To build communities that strengthen, support, empower, and bring awareness of critical need for housing to assist the veteran servicewomen in reclaiming their lives.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

We honor the sacrifices that the military service women have made.

We are Military Women of Valor, a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization, existing to support former active-duty military women making a smoother transition into civilian life. Female veterans struggle more than their male counterparts to make the transition to civilian life.

Two Million Female Veterans have served our military. In addition to PTSD and mental strife that men can face, many female military veterans return to civilian life homeless, unemployed, economically challenged, sexually abused, physically disabled, and socially and spiritually withdrawn.

A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.”
—Melinda Gates

These challenges include:

  • A lack of support and community, especially of fellow female veterans. Military women can suffer from trauma and psychological and social experiences different than those of civilian women.
  • An inability to access childcare or resources for mothers. Women who have strongly served this country shouldn’t have to choose between caring for their children or paying rent, going to school, or working.


  • A gap in financial literacy leading to greater financial instability.
    67 percent of women veterans find their financial transition from the military difficult, compared to 47 percent of men.


  • And so many more obstacles that require immediate action. 23% of active-duty women have experienced sexual assault.

Our Mission

Is to build communities that strengthen, support, restore, and empower female veterans as they transition to civilian life.
Military Women of Valor: Because She’s Worth It.

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