Meet the Founder

Lena Goodman

Lena is passionate about transforming the lives of female veterans. Her dedication to the female military community stems from Lena‘s daughter serving in the United States Navy for the last eight years, inspiring her along with three other female family members to make a difference. As a result, she started Military Women of Valor (MWOV). The many countless women that have served in all branches of the military service, all have made major sacrifices and are in dire need of support and life-changing services.

Where We Serve

Military Women of Valor is a Delaware-Eastern shore-based nonprofit, geared towards housing, support services, and life skills development for the Veteran servicewomen.

MWOV supports servicewomen, who have been frequently homeless, as they move from homelessness and various challenges into independent self-sufficient lifestyles.

Do you have practical experience and passion?

Join our Board! Lena is currently working on assembling a strong Board of Trustees which will be invaluable for the organization.