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Charting Your Course to Higher Education

Charting Your Course to Higher Education: Essential Considerations When Returning to College Embarking on the journey of returning to college is a life-altering decision that holds the potential to reshape your career and personal growth. That said, you know a thing or two about life-changing decisions as a veteran, and you’re likely more equipped than many other people to face the challenges ahead. Whether you… Read More »Charting Your Course to Higher Education

Vet & 1st Responder Peer Support

An open non-professional meeting open to all vets and 1st responders. 1st & 3rd Thurs of every month 7:00pm at the Smyrna/Clayton VFW located at 4941 Wheatleys Pond Rd, Smyrna, DE 19977 for more info

VA to host town hall for veterans

If you were exposed to toxic substances while serving in the military, a new law called the PACT Act may make you eligible for VA benefits and health care. The PACT Act will benefit millions of Veterans of the Vietnam War, Gulf War and post-9/11 eras who were exposed to toxic fumes, burn pits, Agent Orange, radiation and other environmental hazards. Survivors of toxic-exposed-Veterans—and Veterans… Read More »VA to host town hall for veterans

SNAP Benefits

SNAP, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is intended to help low-income families buy food and keep their loved ones fed. More than 20,000 military families are included in the numbers of those who need SNAP to make ends meet. SNAP works on a need-based system where the applicant’s income is reviewed. SNAP is approved or denied on that basis. One of the… Read More »SNAP Benefits

Issues Facing Today’s Female Veterans — ‘Feeling Invisible and Disconnected’

Female veterans have myriad under-addressed, gender-related concerns from their time in the military that follow them after discharge. Women comprise a growing minority of veterans as more are entering the military, serving their country, and being honorably discharged. While the restriction of women being assigned to combat units has been only recently lifted, women always have served in this predominantly male arena, but their roles… Read More »Issues Facing Today’s Female Veterans — ‘Feeling Invisible and Disconnected’

Existing Programs and Services for Veterans Favor Men

According to the Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau A common theme in listening sessions was the perception that existing programs/services for veterans favor men. Participants believed that many seemingly gender-neutral programs failed to ensure equality in the level and types of assistance provided to men and women. The top priorities of the women veterans were achieving independence, finding permanent housing, obtaining education/training and employment, meeting… Read More »Existing Programs and Services for Veterans Favor Men

HUD collected data on homeless women

According to a report released in 2011 on Homeless Women Veterans by the GAO HUD collected data on homeless women and homeless veterans but does not collect detailed information on homeless women veterans. Neither VA nor HUD collected data on the total number of homeless women veterans in the general population prior to these findings. Further, they lacked data on these women’s characteristics and needs… Read More »HUD collected data on homeless women

Veteran homelessness increased in 2020

Veteran homelessness increased from 2019 to 2020, according to new HUD report Overall in the United States, 580,466 people were homeless, an increase of 12,751 people, or 2.2%, from 2019. Because the data was collected in January 2020, the report does not account for the economic effects of the pandemic. “The findings of the 2020 … report are very troubling, even before you consider what… Read More »Veteran homelessness increased in 2020

VA Homeless Programs

VA Programs to End Homelessness Among Women Veterans VA understands that many women Veterans face challenges when returning to civilian life, including raising children on their own or dealing with the aftereffects of military sexual trauma. Without intervention, these and other issues can put women Veterans at greater risk of homelessness. VA also strives to address the individualized needs of women throughout its specialized programs… Read More »VA Homeless Programs

Top 60 veteran & military-friendly employers

Posted by Emily Tanner  |  November 4, 2019  |  Employer Branding What makes a good veteran and military-friendly employer? Is it their employer brand or recruitment marketing strategy? Maybe their benefits or their employee resources? The answer—YES. All of these aspects and more go into creating a top-notch military and veteran experience (learn how to be a military-friendly employer here), and there are a number of stand-out… Read More »Top 60 veteran & military-friendly employers

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